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No one wants to be part of a religion filled with old, hard, mean-sounding words Sin. Hell. Repent. Submit. Judgment.The funny thing is that at the heart of each of these "loaded words" are some of the most beautiful, gracious, life-giving truths that words can convey. Unfortunately, these words have gotten so weighed down with social, cultural and doctrinal baggage that even practicing Christians are hard-pressed to embrace or explain them. That's where Loaded Words comes in. By showing how and why these key faith terms have been misused, abused, and wholly misunderstood-both in the church and in the culture-we can "unload" them, revealing their original language and context, and re-introducing the great mercy, comfort and joy behind the teachings of Jesus. Written in a lively and highly accessible style and illuminated with contemporary aha! moments, Loaded Words opens up the wisdom of 12 foundational Bible words in a whole new way. STUDY GUIDE INCLUDED. "In their new book, Loaded Words, authors Heather Choate Davis & Leann Luchinger bravely examine some of the Church's most divisive and challenging words. This writing duo has selected uniquely difficult phrases - words such as "sin," "confess," "repent, "submit" - and carefully unpacked their meaning for the appreciation of believers and non-believers alike. The book is rich with history, biblical context, and linguistic education, but it is also full of heart.The authors do a beautiful job of reminding Christians that there is danger in not recognizing the impact of their language, imploring them to better understand the world in which they live, while also inviting others to discuss the true sentiments behind biblical vocabulary.With powerful explanations and honest reflections, Davis & Luchinger have successfully created a safe ground to wrestle with words which no longer feel safe. —Christy O'Shoney, Salon, contributing writer.... "Understanding our complex spiritual language takes much more than reading. It requires listening. Davis and Luchinger voice their valuable cultural and theological reflections and invite us to engage in discussion with God's eternal truths." —Rev. Dominic Rivkin, Executive Director, LINC Los Angeles.... "Loaded Words is an insightful, educational, inspirational and challenging journey. All Jesus followers regularly and, sometimes unknowingly, use words that are "loaded." Leann and Heather give the reader not only good information regarding these important words but they help us reframe these words in a manner that they can be encouraging and enlightening to those with whom we share our lives in Christ. You've heard of "missional" ministry? This book will equip you in living it more faithfully!" —Rev. Dr. Robin Dugall, Professor of Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific; Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Monroe, WA... "Translation is the vintage mark of Christianity. What these authors have done so beautifully is treaded boldly into the tempestuous waters of translation in an attempt to communicate the narrative of the Bible to a pre-church, post-church, de-churched, unchurched or "in church and checked out" culture. In the heritage of great reformers in centuries past, we need more theologians like Davis and Luchinger to reengage old words for new people, to transcribe the ancient faith in the vernacular so that these words do more than communicate, but transport us beyond this loaded world into the liberty of the cosmos of Christ." —Rev. Ken Chitwood, Religion Scholar, University of Florida... "I am spellbound by the way they handle the word 'judgement'. A true Lutheran approach.I believe that Leann and Heather are the new Deborahs and Lydias of our church culture. For all who wrestle with expressing their day to day faith-living between secular and sacred spaces, this book Loaded Words brings Theology Class to Wall Street and Main Street." —Rev. Dr. E. Johnson Rethinasamy, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Whitestone, New York"

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