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This is another wonderful little book by Neville, perfectly expressed, in the old-fashioned language of the times he was born into. Sometimes I have to read his sentences several times to fully comprehend them. He is extremely intelligent, deep and logical.

Seemingly all his books have the same important message: when you pray, believe that you already have what you pray for, and feel the feeling you would feel if it were reality. This information is based on the law of reversibility:"If your realized prayer produces in you a definite feeling ——, then, inversely, that particular feeling —- must produce your realized prayer."

The author explains how you can help another by imagining him how you want him to be, as long as the desired state is something he himself would want of another or himself.

Neville, like Joseph Murphy, Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith and probably many others, thus believes it is desirable to help others in this way, while Abraham teaches, as far as I understand, but I may be mistaken, that you should focus on working on your own problems, as it is ultimately ourselves alone who can change our lives.

Neville concludes the book by exhorting us to assume the feeling "I AM Christ", whereafter our whole behaviour will subtly change in accordance therewith.

I strongly recommend this book and all Neville's other works to all those interested in learning how to pray effectively in this way.

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