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She'd lived for centuries without the pleasure a man could give her. For Medusa was a goddess with a heart full of vengeance. And even a man's briefest glance transformed her into a hideous, snake-haired monster who turned men to stone. But she was filled with an insatiable lust that compelled her to mount the stone erection of a lasciviously posed gargoyle atop an ancient castle.

Then something remarkable happened...the gargoyle came to life. And even more remarkable, rather than turning back to stone at the first glimpse of her, he fell in love at first sight. Uphir was a demon who, in human form, had stolen the hearts of countless women, until Athena cursed him into his stony existence. But Medusa was not so easily vanquished. It would take all his seductive power and sexual prowess to win this wrathful goddess's heart.

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