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I turned as a rat shadow fell across the floor – but the shadow got bigger and bigger, and split into two, then three, four, five, until there were at least twelve rats, all in a circle and seemingly joined by their tails! ‘Rat King!’ Neena yelled. ‘Oh my God, Hattie, we’re all going to die!’

Called to Japan with her family and friends, Hattie Jackson discovers her destiny is to resolve the cataclysmic rift in the Hattori family that began centuries before. To do it, she must reunite three deadly Diamond Daggers, while somehow surviving the dirty tricks and ruthless fighting skills of her most terrifying enemies. But more is at risk than she thinks. The daggers carry a mysterious power of their own – one that can corrupt the very heart of their bearer . . .

The third book in a series of Hattori Hachi adventure.

Hattie Jackson is an ordinary teenager living in Camden, London, who discovers an amazing family secret. She is the last in a long line of Ninja warriors.

These popular novels follow Hattie and her friends as they learn the art of Ninjutsu and try to defeat a series of cunning and terrifying enemies bent on causing havoc throughout the world.

Hattori Hachi’s thrilling adventures are full of fast paced, exciting action and mystery – with a dash of romance!

‘A winner… a thrilling read…’ Times Educational Supplement

‘Amazing, fast-paced action…’ Bookzone4boys

‘A rip-roaring cross between Sherlock Holmes and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…’ News of the World

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PublisherSilver Fox
Release date 01.07.2012
Pages count236
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