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The Nicene Creed is recited whenever Anglicans celebrate the Eucharist.It is an extraordinary piece of writing, dating from the 4th century as the early fathers of the church struggled to define who Jesus was within the context of monotheism.Leading up to its formulation, there was political intrigue as factions who asserted Jesus was a created being battled with those who insisted he was divine, was God, and so co-eternal with God.

Once formulated, and then amended in the 5th century, it became the definitive expression of the orthodox Christian faith.It remains so today.

Underhill's book is a reflection on the Creed.It is a short book, but it takes the reader into a deeper spiritual reflection of the three primary areas of the Creed:the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.Yet, she sets the ante for the reader near the beginning, on the 4th page:"When Christians say the Creed, they say in effect, 'This is what we believe to be the truth about existence; about God and the things of God, and so by implication about our own mysterious lives.'"She then takes the reader not only through the major elements of an assertion, but also through the lens of a worldview.For that is what the Creed really is—it is how Christians see, or should see, the world around us.

Sadly, many Protestant denominations have distanced themselves from familiarity with the Creed.I recently talked with a Baptist couple who, when I asked them how they were relating to the Anglican (Episcopal) liturgy, replied they were getting through the "creeds" as if it was the acne of Anglican adolescence."...God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made:" this description is the obituary for Arianism, the ancient heresy that almost kidnapped the faith.

If you pass by the Creed each Sunday, read this little book.If you don't know much about how the Creed was developed, Google it or "Athanasius;" both will give you the history behind its formulation.But if you want to immerse yourself in its mysteries, read the book again, and perhaps even a third time.Let Ms. Underhill, one of the Anglican church's great mystical writers, take you deeper into its substance, and deeper into your life in Christ.

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