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Satch Howard dreaded meeting his new potential client, Jared Grant’s sister. From the moment he had his first phone conversation with her she didn’t hesitate to voice her concerns about him becoming the talent quarterback’s agent. The woman was downright mean and had trust issues about sports agents. Since they were in LA for the Sports Agent Convention he invited her along with Jared. He thought if she could see how the business worked she would be a little accessible and give him a chance to prove he was worthy to represent Jared. However, Ishaan Grant wasn’t quite what he expect. She was a beautiful woman and had an attitude the size of the Grand Canyon. But he wasn’t worried. Any man who was exclusive with four woman simultaneously could handle one feisty woman. Not only was he good looking, he oozed charm, and he has never fail to charm a woman yet as long as he could remember and Ishaan Grant would be no exception. He would have her eating out of his hand in no time.
Ishaan Grant was not about to step aside and let some shyster take advantage of her brother. She didn’t care how much Jared like him, until he could prove himself worthy, he would be on the short list. However Satch Howard was not what quite what she expected. The man was dropped dead gorgeous oozing charm and sexist man she has ever encountered in her life. She shrugged it off. That didn’t matter she could get pass that pretty face, the charm, and even the virility. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

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PublisherViviRose Publishing
Release date 06.04.2014
Pages count284
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