EPUB Mom is Pregnant; A Short Story of Incest and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and mother-son incest are the topics of this "Greene Shorts" erotic short story. Scott is a teenaged son who has unrequited feelings of lust for his sexy single mom. And when his mother tells him that she's pregnant, he knows that those feelings are only going to get stronger. Scott is a boy who's always had a "thing" for the wonderful and voluptuous look of a pregnant woman — the huge, tightly stretched belly, the milk-swollen breasts... It's all more than any horny, red-blooded boy can hope to resist!

When Scott's mother agrees to let him give her a back massage one afternoon, his love and desire for this gorgeous woman reaches a tipping point. It's only a matter of time before Scott "crosses the line," caressing his mother's body in ways that go far beyond any ordinary mother-son intimacy.

To his infinite delight, Scott finds that his lust isn't unrequited after all, and his mother shares his incestuous desires. From that point on, mother and son share one passionate lovemaking session after another, until Scott's mother finally reveals a secret that will seal the bond of their unusual love forever!

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Mom is Pregnant; A Short Story of Incest and Pregnancy EPUB ebook download
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PublisherEsmeralda Greene, via Smashwords
Release date 01.08.2011
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