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Ragnarok. The Norse Armageddon. A devastating cataclysm that tore the Old World asunder and left the wolf-god Fenrir languishing on the Corpse-Shore in the Viking underworld. Centuries after that epic catastrophe, the Ulfhednar, a Viking clan led by the formidable Varga Hrolfsson and blessed with shape-shifting abilities by Fenrir himself, land upon the Hebridean Islands, charged by the spirit of the undead wolven deity to bring about a repeat of that earth-shattering event through rites of bloody slaughter and release Him from his hellish prison so He can wreak His vengeance upon the world of men. Meanwhile, at the other end of the country, Sir Galahad of Camelot, most valiant champion of the deceased King Arthur, journeys north to tell his estranged queen, Guinevere, of her former husband s death. Chased from the gates of Bamburgh Castle by an enraged Sir Lancelot, he is catapulted into a prophecy foretold by a Pictish seer and finds himself destined to become the bane of the werewolf clan and their God and the only hope of survival for two tribes both brought to the brink of extinction by the hell-spawned creatures.

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PublisherCauliay Publishing and Distribution
Release date 01.09.2012
Pages count408
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