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This engaging, comical series has rapidly become a winner among young readers, prompting many of them to write to us at Barron's and ask for more Petsitters adventures. Here are two brand new titles to keep them and countless new readers entertained. Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie are four animal-loving kids who run a school-related community service. They mind pets — everything from puppies and kittens to exotic creatures like snakes and lizards. Their clients are animal lovers who have to travel and can't bring their pets along — or in some cases, people who simply need somebody to walk their dog or feed the goldfish. The kids are funny, imaginative, and energetic — but sometimes they run into trouble. These fun-to-read novelettes are divided into chapters, and each book has lively black-and-white line illustrations.

Sam is hired by Gary to petsit for a cuddly kitten that Gary plans to give his girlfriend Marina as a Christmas gift. Meanwhile, the other Petsitters are having troubles of their own as Christmas approaches. Jovan, who is petsitting a donkey, volunteers the animal for the school Christmas play — with disastrous results — and Katie's beloved pet cockroach dies. Then it turns out that Marina is allergic to catsWhat's to become of the Christmas kitten?

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PublisherBarron's Educational Series
Release date 01.10.1999
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