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I'm living in the land of sky blue waters,
And I'm grabbing all the gusto up it's true.
Well, you only go around
Once in life they say
And when I'm out of love I'm out of you.

I bet few of you would disagree with me if I said the best thing about American beer is its advertising.After every year's Super Bowl, beer commercials consistently rank among the most popular, and catch-phrases uttered in these ads become part of our every day lexicon.(Wassup, anyone?)

If the Van Munching name sounds familiar, it's because the author is from THOSE Van Munchings,longtime US importers of Heineken, so he does know his beer.This book was published in 1997, so facts and figures are a wee bit dated, but still quite interesting to anyone curious about how huge corporations decide to promote their products.

The development of light beer in the late sixties may seem like a negligible moment in history, something akin to the launch of the Edsel, perhaps, but THIS was actually the start of the Beer Wars.The race to get a product onto the shelves and down the gullets of consumers had begun. And companies spared NO expense!

In 1975, American breweries spent $140 million dollars to advertise the 147 million barrels they produced.Twenty years later, spending had increased 500 percent!Almost twenty years after that...well,one 30-second spot in 2013's Super Bowl cost almost 4 million...so let's just say...it's nuts!

Van Munching (Yes, I love saying his name!) does a credible job of telling the story of beer in America.He starts with the history of the major breweries, discusses the prestige of imports vs draft beer,and tells the story of how a female bull terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye became famous as hard-partying Spuds MacKenzie.I had a nice trip down memory lane, as I had completely forgotten there was a time that Coors was not available east of the Rockies, and I was reminded of some radio spots I used to love put out by Molson, featuring Garrett Brown and Ann Winn, the Molson Couple. In this spot, Brown plays a trucker attempting to cross the border into the US, while Winn plays the border guard:http://www.twovoices.com/mp3/molsonbo...

In the later chapters, the author recounts how marketing was geared to push malt liquor on "inner city" residents (Nice euphemism!) and discusses some failed attempts to introduce "new" beers, like Dry, Ice, and something called Miller Clear, for those who'd grown tired of those nasty, opaque beers, I guess. And speaking ofclear beverages, let's pause to remember the almost forgotten Zima.Fortune magazine conducted an informal poll, and found that the taste of Zima compared to "tonic water, antifreeze, and crushed Sweet Tart candies mixed with skunked Molson."So there.If your product stinks, no amount of marketing in the world can make it sell.

And now, just for fun, let's play - - -


1)The Champagne of Beers(view spoiler)
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