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I have only just picked this up and I'm hooked! This is a book that requires you to think quite a bit, so it's best read in small bites, with plenty of time to digest the ideas thrown at you. I am not done with it, which explains why I am still hesitating between a 4 and a 5 star rating.

In any case, Cohen very smartly forces the reader to apply philosophical ideas. The reader is first asked to reflect upon a particular dilemma before Cohen proceeds to explain how the dilemma can be resolved, and which thinkers came up with the solution. Full time philosophers will scoff at the simplicity of the arguments as well as the one-dimensional presentation of ideas (there are more than one set of ideas, and hence there should be many solutions to the same dilemma), but this is a perfect book for realists who still want to employ the world of ideas and ideals.

He even manages to tie the philosophical ground, the hypothetical dilemma to international affairs! I am beginning to love this book enough to consider buying it.

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