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Nothing for it, I pretty much hate this script and the score that goes along with it.The main character is vapid and shallow;a dance-hall taxi girl (dances with men for money) meets and falls in love with a customer.This is set in the 20s when such things might occur, but the story contains little of the potential fun that the era offers.Instead, we're made to endure scene after scene of the prospective couple;eventually he asks her to marry him.The other scenes are standard-issue numbers involving the other girls from the dance hall, none of whom believe that our heroine can ever escape the limited life they share.The problem is, we're given so little information about either leading character that it's difficult to get involved with either of them.While I found myself generally rooting for it to work out, I didn't care that much.Then, the story ends very suddenly, without much lead-up or explanation, in a scene where he tells her that he can't marry him, so she leaves to "live hopefully ever after".Thus, the inherently unhappy ending is supposed to be happy because she picks up her pluckiness and moves on. The piece, on the whole, fails to work in my opinion, and I find it to be some of Neil Simon's weakest writing.

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PublisherRandom House
Release date 01.11.1966
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