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What if women ruled the world and only gave birth to girls? It happened in Diamond City. A beautiful city run only by women becomes unraveled when a young senator discovers deep hidden secrets on how it came to exist.

Diamond City is a place that lives up to its name. It has beautiful skies, clean air, mountains and lakes. Building structures are simple but eloquent. Everything runs on solar energy.

Diamond City is exactly how the women want it to be. This is only fair, because it's women who run the city. However, such luxuries sometimes comes at a painful price. There are rules to follow and laws to obey. Someone is always watching. This is the city that Helethia is born into.

Helethia and her friend Marcana are both heirs to the most powerful position in Diamond City, a seat in the Senate. They are expected to be sworn into the Senate when they turn 21. At that time, each woman will be impregnated with the baby formula, then raise their daughters identically. For Diamond City women have always given birth to girls.

Then one day, the unthinkable happens. A boy is born—tearing mothers and daughters apart, revealing deep hidden secrets and changing their lives forever.

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Release date 01.09.2012
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