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The Irony of Democracy is a book that explores the American government in a light that not many people see it in. In this book, Thomas Dye sights many examples while proving the point that our government is not one that is run by the people. Dye states that the United States of America is a nation that is run by a handful of “elite” individuals. These people generally gain power not by influencing the masses with popular ideas, but by using their money. This is evident even in the earliest years of the country in that the founders were upper-class, white males. They did not represent the majority of people in the new country. Dye also makes the point that every branch of our government is controlled by the elite. He is especially skeptical of the judicial branch because the nine judges are not elected, yet they have the power to overrule the elected officials of congress and the house. I see these issues in the same way that Dye sees them and I agree with most of his points.
One aspect of The Irony of Democracy that jumped out to me was the miniscule about of power that each individual citizen has. Dye covers this in great detail in chapter one. Even with just a small amount of research, one can find that the framers were highly skeptical of a direct democracy. Madison states in Federalist 10, “it may be concluded that a pure democracy… can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction” (Madison, Fed #10). Madison saw factions as a great threat to the existence of a stable government so it can be assumed that he was against a pure democracy. The reality of this situation is that without a true democracy, the individual citizen has no power.

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