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In this first-of-its-kind text, Jennifer Hunter draws on pre-monotheistic Hebrew history, mainstream and alternative Judaism, ceremonial magic, and eclectic NeoPaganism to create spells, meditations, rituals, and holiday traditions. Magickal Judaism infuses NeoPagan rituals with the living, breathing rites of the Jewish people, revealing a liberating new spirituality. Appealing to those Jewish by birth, Pagan by practice, or drawn to both Jewish and Pagan paths, Magickal Judaism will provide all the tools needed to craft a holistic and integrated religious path, including how to: - Celebrate Jewish holidays in authentic tribal ways- Connect with the powerful teachings of the Kabbalah- Discover the magic of keeping kosher and observing the Sabbath- Connect with Canaanite Goddesses and the Shechinah- Craft effective spells using ancient Jewish symbols and folk magic

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