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Another of Asimov's great compilations:- Mark Twain:- Captain Stormfield's visit to Heaven (extract), Edmund Hamilton:- The Comet Doom, Hal Clement:- Sunspot / Raindrop, Arthur C. Clarke:- Inside the Comet, Ray Russell:- Comet Wine, Philip Latham:- The Red Euphoric Bands / Future Forbidden, Sydney J.Bounds:-Throwback, James E Gunn:- Kindergarten, Gregory Benford & Gordon Ecklund:- West Wind Falling, Duncan Lunan:-The Comet, the Cairn & the Capsule, Frederik Pohl:-Some Joys Under the Star, Fritz Leiber:- The Death of the Prices, John Varley:- The Funhouse Effect, Threodore L. Thomas;- The Family Man, John Gribbin:- Double Planet & Poul Anderson:- Pride.

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Release date 04.02.1986
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