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1. I decided to read this book because I had recieved it as a gift around four years ago and I had tried to read it but the language was quite difficult to understand so I decided to give it a break for a while and then I picked it up again this year.

2. A character that I found interesting in this book was Samantha, better known as Sam. She was interesting to read about because the story was told in her point of view. The author wrote the book in a way that the audience will feel the same way as Sam. Whenever Sam felt cheerful, annoyed, sad or panicked, I would feel the same way. I liked her because she was normal, she didn't have any extraordinary powers and if you brought her to life, she'd be like any other girl. Night Race to Kawau is one of those fiction books that could be brought to life and it would fit in well with the world that we live in now. Sam has a very likeable and kind personality and the way she handles her situation of her dad getting knocked out of the yacht on the night of the race was really fun to read in the end.

3. A quote that I liked in this novel was "Intuition. It's something a wise sailor trusts. You can't sail a boat for fifty years, knowing every creak of her timbers, without knowing when something's wrong. Plain intuition, Sam." I like it because it doesn't only apply to sailing, it can apply to pretty much everything. It's saying that you can't know everything about something if you don't know when there's something not right about it. It can also apply to people as well.

4. Something I thought about after reading this book was about adaptability and courage. Sam was put to the ultimate test when she was put second in charge behind her mother who had to make sure that the family was safe and that they got help. Sam had to step up and take charge when her mother was too weak to. She was put on the spot and had never been in this sort of situation and she didn't complain about it, she just did what she needed to do although these were challenging times for her family. It takes a huge amount of courage to be able to not break down at that moment when you father/skipper gets knocked out where there's no where or no one to call for help and to step up with a huge responsibility as second in command all of a sudden without complaining in those conditions takes a lot of adaptability. If only people could stop complaining about the smaller, pettier things in life.

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