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As far as the BattleTech/MechWarrior brand of storytelling goes, it might not aim for the literary connoisseurs out there. Still even for a book that has the blurb "based on the bestselling computer game" on its front cover, this particular title came out a bit lacking.

The basic premise of the book is simple; farmer boy with hidden talents (Luke, is that you?) follows in the footsteps of his deceased brother by enlisting with a mercenary unit which oversees the safety of the backwater planetary neighbourhood he calls home. He leaves behind the idyllic village where they hunt alien deer and bake musty cookies for the thrill of the battle, at the controls of a hulking machine of destruction. He soon learns that his brother's unit was totally wiped out, except for the unit commander. As our young hero comes to serve under said commander he must face the possibility of a traitor in the unit.

The book then plods along as the enemy pirates begin a series of strikes on his unit, and the reader is briskly swept along from battle to battle all the while struggling to endure every clichéd character template known to the genre. Naive and prodigal hero (check), tough warrior chick (check), hard as rock cigar-chewing sarge (check), bear-type fatherly unit commander (check) as well as a duel between good and evil where there can be only one conclusion. Once our hero learns the true identity of the traitor he is at least half a book behind the reader and at that point the book has already deteriorated into a plot worthy of perhaps Schwarzenegger.

In the book's defence though, it has a lot of merit as an entry-level dish. Those unfamiliar with the BT/MW concept will have their hand held neatly through the concepts of Mech warfare without all the confusing politics and clan concepts which normally flesh out the story universe. The inclusion of a sector map and drawings of a couple of the Mechs featured in the book are also a welcome inclusion. All in all, the books is a decent coming of age-novel for the younger reader, but must be considered an underwhelming title in the long running BT/MW-universe.

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GanreScience Fiction
Release date 01.11.1999
Pages count288
File size5.1 Mb
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