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Grandpa Super Bear’s No. 1 Best Selling Hard Back Book - now on Kindle…

Seven stories to inspire children to grow up to be the very best they can be

For children from 4 to 94 because it’s never too soon and never too late to learn from these inspiring stories.

Contents include:
- An important message to anyone reading this book to a child
- Grandpa Super Bear introduces himself to the young child
- Story 1: Life is magical and anything is possible
- Story 2: You really can learn to do anything you want to do
- Story 3: When you are grown up, you can be anything you want to be
- Story 4: There is no such thing as failure
- Story 5: Why it is important who you spend the most time playing with
- Story 6: Why you should be very kind to other people
- Story 7: How to enjoy every single day

Contains 38 great illustrations

Here is what other readers have said:

"A great book, written with warmth and a real understanding of what makes young minds tick. My two (aged 7 and 9) loved it when I first read it tothem and they love it just as much every time we read it together. They won’t let me read just one chapter, which suits me, as I can’t think of a better end to the day than sharing this together. There are some wonderful words of wisdom in this book, which I’m sure get absorbed a little bit by their minds as they drift off to sleep. And there are some nice little reminders of how maybe we all should see life."
David Heath

"This book is superb, a great child friendly way of teaching life lessons, a valuable addition to any childs library, I would recommend it to anyone."
Lawrence Hayes

"Grandpa Super Bear is unusual because it is has captured the imagination of all three of our children who’s ages range from 4 to 9, which is great for many reasons, but mainly because we can share and discuss the stories as a family rather than individually. The stories deliver nothing but positive messages and encourage children into believing that anything can be achieved with the right attitude - a mantra that is very close to mine and my wife’s heart."
Richard Shaw

"Motivate your children to be the very best they possibly can, Thank you, Grandpa Super Bear for writing such a wonderful collection of children's bedtime stories. Many thanks."
Leslie Wagstaff

"I teach children from five to nine at junior school and we have a story session every day. All the children have fallen in love with Grandpa Super Bear. They love his stories and ask so many questions. He has really captured their hearts and this is definitely the best children’s book I have ever read. Well done Grandpa Super Bear. We look forward to reading more of your inspiring stories in the future."
Fiona Roberts

"I’m not sure who enjoyed it more – me or the children. We all loved these stories and there’s no question that they have remembered the lessons because they often remind me of them. Only yesterday I was feeling a little grumpy and Denise, my eight year old, reminded me that Grandpa Super Bear said ‘you can choose how you feel so why not choose to be happy’. So I did. Thank you Grandpa Super Bear."
Julie Summer

"Grandpa Super Bear is a wonderful fusion of good sense, good fun and essential life lessons delivered through a friendly and imaginative medium. My 7 and 9 year-old nephews loved it and so did I."
Adam Shaw

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