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Kitten Day
Author: Jan Ormerod
Reading Level: ages 5-8

Ormerod, Jan (1989) Kitten Day Great Britain: Walter Books, Ltd.

Kitten Day follows a day in the life of a young girl as she spends it with her kitten, whom she admires greatly.

The books is a fairly simple read, thus very attainable and easy choice for beginning readers. What's more is that the book is presented in a comic-like format; there are panels, and the events continue on sequentially through them. I found that to be an appealing design choice, and great for children, who tend to require as much visuals as they can to picture the actions taking place in the words they are reading.

The illustrations themselves are dull, and simple. The kitten is certainly cute, but the illustrations are nothing to write home about. It's a simple, easily overlooked book, but any child could easily enjoy reading it—especially if they have a keen interest in animals.

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PublisherLothrop, Lee and Shepard Books
Release date 01.08.1989
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