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“Broken is finding the light and the healing you crave,
and knowing you can never have it.”

After the attack on his sister and his newfound abilities forming, Henry Williams is struggling to keep it all together.His wolf does not allow him to sleep, and he is beginning to hear voices, torturing him mercilessly.

Henry feels as though there is a war brewing inside of him and he is unable to control it.As a protector, he must find a way to fight his inner demons before he is left vulnerable to the real ones.

But an unexpected love finds Henry and he tries hard to resist it. Will Henry be able to overcome his inner demons?Will he be able to protect his mate?

*** This is book number 2 in this series. Please note that it is suggested to read the series in sequential order. ***

*Warning* This novel is intended for mature YA readers. 15 + for language and mild violence.

Release Date - June 23rd

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