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WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? David Reed is heading straight for Hell and this time there's no way home. Broke, broken and shivering with apprehension, he embarks on what could be his last road trip. Now a father and husband, he can't simply walk away from his responsibilities. It's a case of now or never! The map illustrates his route, but he has other plans... Finding trouble was never difficult, especially throughout his childhood. But now trouble has found him. WHY DO THEY DISAPPEAR? He sees the hitchhiker standing in the rain, and desperate for company on the lonesome road, David breaks the one rule that almost got him killed...Why ever not? It could be his last night on Earth. And as he hurtles towards his doom he is faced with the dilemma: To trust in the stranger sat beside him, the one thing he thought he had banished from his life many years ago- the one offering him a way out of his troubles forever... or the six- shooter hidden in his glove compartment? WHY DO THEY COME BACK?

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Release date 02.12.2012
Pages count348
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