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Sii Terminus is just another space gannta, commanding a deep space cargo ship en route to the mysterious Thanatos system, where thirteen worlds orbit a dying sun. But the dark world of Thanatos One is anything but dead, infested with bizarre, nightmare creatures eager to feed on the souls of mortals.

The foul Thanaton race is spreading its wings throughout the universe once more, corrupting planets and seducing societies. Terminus finds that he has his own part to play in the vile machinations of the Thanatons... and in the plans of the Agathons who confront this ancient evil in the Creator's name.

The fate of every world rests in the hands of a drunken space loser.

Terminus is the first full-length novel in the Skyfire Chronicles.

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PublisherGreyhart Press
Release date 01.05.2012
Pages count358
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