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The historical Jesus would have strongly disagreed with the new apocalyptic mood of many current writers. In seven vivid New Testament studies, Dr. Jewett demonstrates what Jesus really had to say about the end of the world as we know it. He shows how unexpectedly different Jesus' message was from common hopes, and how opposed it is to the teaching of modern sensationalists who speak of the Rapture as about to usher in a new dispensation.This is a book for every reader who is puzzled by the great popularity of books about the end times — among both laity and the leaders of the churches. Through the use of contemporary literature and illustration, Dr. Jewett reveals how Jesus' teaching can affect our lives. He says: I am convinced that if we would get Jesus' message straight, we would conclude that the future is still open and that there is a great deal we can do, because it is not Satan, but God who is alive and well on planet Earth.

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PublisherWestminster John Knox Press
Release date 01.03.1999
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