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I just finished reading this book and it was enjoyable.Russell Wangersky details going into post-traumatic strees disorder and dealing with it afterwards.He wanted to ba a firefighter ever since he saw a little boy and when he was in his early twenties, the fire department was accepting people to volunteer there, and he decided to take the chance. He describes what it was like to be at scenes of burning buildings and house and car accidents, some of them involved some gruesome fatalaties.Some people can walk away from situations like those that didn't involve any people, Russell couldn't let go of those images in his head.He was having nightmares about them, like where he would be stuck inside a house full of smoke and he wouldn't be able to get out.When he arrived at scenes where people were badly injured in the wreckage, he was always ready and willing to help.He felt though, that what did was never enough and he writes about what it was like to have anxieties before helping them, and also on the way there because he didn't know what to expect and if he was going to react right.I feel though, that he put in a lot of strenuous work and dedication into his job, and that he tried his best.After he finished giving someone treatment, he would think about it over and over again, wondering if he did it right and if he could have done more.He had always been convinced that he could have done more and better.Also, he describes coming close to death in burning house in his career.He says though that he thinks he deserved to die, because he was doing to much at his job and was becoming too attached to it.He says he got a thrill every time his pager went off and he couldn't let go of the lifestyle he had, even though the effects were too much for him to handle.he says that he found a reason to go inside one of the buildings because he wanted to, because he was becoming so addicted to firefighting, and the other time he being to careless.He's being waaaay too harsh on himself.He's contradicting himself too, because before he wasn't doing enough and now he's just doing too much.But I guess those are some of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.From his accounts, it seems to me like he gave firefighting his all and never gave up, which is what you would like to see in a person who has that job.It was very well-written, and I appreciate him telling his story, sharing his pain with us.

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PublisherThomas Allen Publishers
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Release date 01.03.2008
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