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This is the original source of the "like a shining city on a hill" meme that conservatives like to pose as a model for the United States, apparently unaware that the rest of the text is full of stuff they would denounce as socialism (e.g. "...the care of the public must oversway all private respects, by which, not only conscience, but mere civil policy, doth bind us.")


I find it hard to rate texts like this which I think of in terms of important historical artifacts rather than literary ones to be evaluated aesthetically, so that's why the neutral 3 stars.For people who like to point out that the United States was "based" on Christianity, this sermon—as well as Winthrop's journals—could be very instructive regarding how the Christianity of that time was verrrrrrry different from today's flavors.In fact the very idea of Calvinist-style predestination now seems positively unAmerican!

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