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In this political and scientific international thriller, duplicity, deception and double-crosses abound as Nathan Brooks - a forensic investigator working an odd case in Guatemala - stumbles upon a variety of bewildering clues that seem to indicate that a novel attack on a large American city is imminent.

As Brooks soon learns, Moroccan militants are planning a novel false flag operation to provoke an extreme American response and regime-changing blowback against their king - a man they despise for his obscenely extravagant lifestyle in one of the world's poorest countries.

A multinational corporation with covert ties to the CIA is helping the militants but has a much different agenda - it plans to steal the king's massive fortune once he's overthrown.

Brooks and his former girlfriend - a troubled ATF agent with a knack for finding danger - attempt to make sense of the disparate clues and deduce the Moroccans' target before the city can be rendered uninhabitable by a very unusual bomb.

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