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An engaging introduction to NLP, through 21 chapters, each focusing on a special topic: negotiation negotiation, resolving grief, parenting positively, motivation that works, fulfilling decision-making, and many more.(See Table of Contents.)This book gives you a "front-row seat" in following the accounts of people whose lives have been changed and whose dreams became reality by using their own inner power to change with NLP.Every reader is certain to find many topics of personal relevance.The authors include a step-by-step understanding of how each change occurred, that you can use for those areas in your life that you want to be different.

Even though this book is written as an introduction, it takes you quickly into a great deal of depth.You'll find material here that isn't included in other books on NLP.The chapter on "Personal Timelines" for example, reveals how to easily uncover our individual ways of coding time, and how this sometimes forms the basis for our life struggles, and strengths.You'll learn how gently shifting this inner coding can melt away difficulties and open up talents and gifts.Written by two of the earliest and most respected trainers in the field, the book carries an underlying attitude of heartfulness coloring the skillful guidance available here.

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