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Tootle,Tootle, all you wanted to do was "dip and soar" like the butterflies you admired in the meadow of Lower Trainswitch. But Bill, head engineer of the School for Engines and "The Mayor Himself" taught you that it was foolish for an engine to get lost looking at hollyhock flowers when he could be the fastest flyer since "old 300".
Yes, a children's book that touts the importance of the coal blackned lungs of the Industrial Revoultion in place of the Romantic reverance of nature. Work and strict obediance to rules over quiet reflection. Tootle, you're a flyer train- you know your place-now get back to work! And after being tricked by the entire township- he does.
Oi vey. There.Finally my brief critical analysis of a Golden book designed for children some 40-50 years ago. (which probably says a lot in itself about the content)It may be a bit much (okay it IS)but, as a mother has read this story as many times as I have this one,(sometimes as many as three times in one night, and it is, for a bedtime story a long one)over a 3 year period,well it drives one to pick it apart.
And yes, I do tell my four year old that Tootle should be allowed paid holidays in which to view the meadow he so adored,as well as a new set of buffers every six months.

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PublisherGolden Books
Release date 01.02.2001
Pages count24
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