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I didn't enjoy these essays quite as much as the ones in "Small-headed Flycatcher..."; it could just be because that was my introduction to Pete Dunne and I knew what to expect this second time around.At any rate, in prefacing this collection Dunne informs the reader that they are a mix of fact and fiction, some of the fiction based on real people and events and some being complete "flights of fancy," as it says on the cover.As he tends to exaggerate even facts (usually to good advantage) I eventually stopped trying to guess what was true and what wasn't, which he also advises against in the preface anyway.Some of his definite fiction stories seemed a little over the top, but it's interesting to see what's in his head.It makes you wonder what's in there that hasn't been published.But what earns the fourth star is the fact that no one can communicate the world of birds and birding as vividly and as accurately as Pete Dunne can.I think any non-birder, in picking up one of his books, would be in danger of not only understanding the strange world with its obsessions and passions, but also of wanting to be a part of it.It seemed, too, that these essays focused more on the earlier days of birding, when Dunne was growing up, and offered a look at the people and powers that shaped what it is today.I feel a little like I missed out being born so late in the game.And finally, as before, Pete Dunne's turn of phrase kept me captivated throughout, whether I was catching my breath at the image of thousands of birds "giving form to the wind," or choking on my drink at the mention of "an unusually quiet collie wearing half a screen door" galloping away from an explosion.

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PublisherRutgers University Press
Release date 01.03.1986
Pages count157
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