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The novel discusses many issues. Basically it is a novel about two characters Valerie and Sybille and the clashes between both. But in a deeper analysis we can see that the novelist is throwing some intricate questions to the society. When the people think that money matters everything and to acquire money do anything the basic values of the human society will collapse. The loss of these humanitarian values is very well discussed in the novel.
Another crucial issue the novelist trying to discuss is the marketization of religion.In this world of globalization even religious ideals becomes another commodity and while selling the commodity only profit matters. The clash between religious values and market values goes back to Middle Ages itself. The influence of money corrupted even theestablished churches itself. The God-men and religious preachers are subjected to so many corruption nowadays.
The influence of mass medias and other technologies on society and how it discards social values, all discussed in this novel.
In the last part of the novel the author tried to give a psychological explanation to the bad deeds of the central 'negative' character, Sybille but failed.

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PublisherSimon & Schuster Audio
Release date 02.01.1990
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