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Don't like reading one part at a time? Then snag this box set of the complete serial in one book.

Two billionaires, one curvy woman, and a charity date auction. There's no upper limit when you're bidding on love.

Winston and I run one of the top hedge funds in the world. I can have anything money can buy. And tonight, it's a date with the sexy brunette showing off her curves on stage. Miranda's everything I want in a woman—sexy, confident, natural. The only problem? Winston wants her too. Thank god I've learned how to share.

James and Winston. Billionaires, winning bidders, sex gods. Two men I never expected to meet, let alone fall for. But when they sweep me off my feet, I can't help it. I'm smitten. Can I give two men my heart? Or will I only end up ripped in two?

Complete three-part ménage serial full of steamy scenes featuring two sinful billionaires and one curvy woman. Intended for mature readers only.

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