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Gentle isn't in his vocabulary...
Hayley is such a little princess. She's grown up rich, and the inexperienced brat has always had her way, right down to having her pick of the guys at school and every little detail of the relationship. Hayley has particular ideas about what her first time will be like, an expensive hotel, candlelit love songs and sweet tender lovemaking with the boyfriend she'll eventually marry. He'll treat her oh-so-gentle, like the precious gift she is.

There's only one problem. To get to that hotel room, she has to defy the man of the house and his rules. That doesn't go well.

Jack may be worth countless millions now, but Haley is about to get a first hand lesson that he hasn't softened up one little bit since his days in the biker gang. After catching her sneaking out of her bedroom window, he decides it's time for her to earn her keep for staying in his house, and despite being almost too big he takes her hard right there on the lawn without protection.

If this little princess wants to be the queen, she's going to have to take everything the king can give her.

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PublisherShameless Books Press
Release date 01.12.2014
Pages count19
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