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“Father to Son” is an instruction manual for sons on how to live life with honor, dignity, and integrity. It covers subjects across the spectrum from how to to treat people (well), to when to fight (when there's no alternative), and what to think about money (it's necessary, but not the end-all). While it takes a decidedly 21st century approach to life—no macho advice or testosterone-poisoned prose, it also takes what we now fondly call an "old-school" approach, too. Frank advises his sons (and the rest of us) to treat people well...always at first, and as time goes on if they deserve it. He suggests that violence is not a way of life or the solution to most problems...but that there are things worth fighting for and you should fight for them. He says that money is necessary to fulfill your obligations and to properly care for your family...but that you shouldn't get caught up in its pursuit for its own sake. And there's a lot more. This is the heart and soul of a father that every son either carries with him or wishes he did.

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PublisherBorelli Consulting Publishing
Release date 01.02.2011
Pages count187
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