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This book will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.I was looking through our book closet, and I found THEIR YESTERDAY.I thought it looked dumb, but after I realized it was a first edition published in 1912, I got a little bit more interested.And then I saw the inscription in the front : RACHAEL POWELL FROM ED.Rachael Powell was my great-great-great grandmother.I feel a certain kinship with her now after having read this book that was once her.

But enough about my sentiments.The book.I read somewhere that this was considered the worst of Wright's books, and I can see why.It's preachy, and if you didn't agree with all his ideas, you wouldn't like it.However, I did agree with him... although it was a bit of overkill for me.I still got sick of the way we talked about "womanhood" and what it meant.Still, everything else was spot on, extremely thought-provoking, and beautifully written.Besides, the love story was so sweet, and I just fell in love with the story.

It was said that this book was really a series of essays that Wright put together in this story in older to sell more books, but somehow I doubt that was his only reasoning.His story was told so subtly that it was easy to put yourself in the place of the characters, and you didn't even realize you did it.

Overall, this book was wonderful.It was sweet and beautiful.I'd suggest it if you enjoy reading older books that contain interesting ideas on life and what it is about.

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