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In this new adventure ,the Rainbow Fish is now torn between newly made friends and a lonely stripey fish who isn't allowed to join the group because the stripey fish does not have a shiny scale.A similar situation which Rainbow Fish found himself in the original.To add to the tension and twist ,this story meets with a dangerous and hungry shark who is about to threaten the reef.the question is will Rainbow Fish help this little , lonely strangerand stand up to his beliefs or will he do what his friends want him to do?.Like all the other rainbow fish stories this one also concludes with a resolution and leaves a social message.

A beautifully illustrated book follows from the original story of the Rainbow Fish ,we all love.For those of you who haven't read or know about the Rainbow Fish here is a little taster.The central character of the story is the Rainbow Fish,a fish who is the most beautiful fish in the ocean due to its given shiny scales.In the original the Rainbow Fish also deals with a lot of friendship problems and consequences are faced.

I remember reading this book when i was in primary school,i used to love reading all the adventures and was enormously curious of what would happen to Rainbow Fish next.From reading this book i became really interested in sea creatures and also insisted on having a pet fish in the house.I loved looking at the bright ,different colors and feeling and touching the shiny scales on the page.Most importantly loved the message or lets say the moral behind the story was fantastic,that you should always believe in yourself to be different and that we should accept everyone even if they are different.

I feel this book will be great at addressing issues such as bullying, selfishness, exclusion, acceptance and being different.This story will be great for making children understand the differences within the class and school, especially where now it is increasingly more diverse than ever also to teach the importance of inclusion and making sure everyone is included.It can also be useful to describe or resolve any playground issues around bullying or acceptance.Teaching young children how to sympathies and think about our actions and how it can affect others too.

Yet another fantastically illustrated,well thought out written book from Marcus Pfister.I definitively recommendanyone to read this book especially to children in foundation stage and key stage 1.

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