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Again, a very quick read that sucked me in only to finish abruptly. I'm turning, turning then it's OVER so fast!

The 2nd instalment in this series was better than the first. It captured me from the first page and by the last I was weeping for Sophie. Although she's eighteen, she comes across as mature for her age, but that I'm sure, has everything to do with her circumstances growing up.

Sophie finally develops a backbone when it really counts but I couldn't help empathizing with what she went through. Yes, she's naive and so full of hopeful love but she's authentic and honest with her feelings and expectations. Her dreams are shattered by David immensely, and I was rooting for her.

I have many questions of course concerning David. Why did he do what he did with Sophie? Is there an ulterior motive? Is he using her? And if so, for what purpose? What's the real story with that bitch Carole? So many questions! It doesn't help that David is so mysterious but I have my theories about him.

We get a teaser of the 3rd novella and its in his POV. It gives us a glimpse of the possible way he actually feels about Sophie and what his life was like as a child. I honestly think he cares about her greatly but for reasons not yet revealed, he is trying to remain emotionally unavailable.

This was very quick and to the point but I'm realizing I like that. The writing is good and the story flows very well. There's no filler—just the goods. And despite the similarities to FSoG, there was enough here to distinguish itself. Really looking forward to the next instalment!

GENRE: Contemporary romance
POV: 1st person, Sophie
CLIFFY: Yes!!!!! Bad move David! **grrrr!**

*** Arc provided by the author for an honest review ***

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