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The Death And Anti-Death Series By Ria University Press discusses issues and controversies related to death, life extension, and anti-death. A variety of differing points of view are presented and argued. Death And Anti-Death, Volume 11: Ten Years After Donald Davidson (1917-2003) is edited by Charles Tandy, Ph.D.: ISBN 978-1-934297-17-9 is the Hardback edition and ISBN 978-1-934297-18-6 is the Paperback edition. Volume 11, as indicated by the anthology's subtitle, is in honor of Donald Davidson (1917-2003). The chapters do not necessarily mention him (but some chapters do). The chapters (by professional philosophers and other professional scholars) are directed to issues related to death, life extension, and anti-death, broadly construed. Most of the contributions consist of scholarship unique to this volume. As was the case with all previous volumes in the Death And Anti-Death Series By Ria University Press, the anthology includes an Index as well as an Abstracts section that serves as an extended table of contents. There are 12 chapters, as follows: ———CHAPTER ONE Do We Really Want Immortality? (by David Brin) pages 25-42; ———CHAPTER TWO The Importance Of Being Identical: On How Not To Derive A Contradiction Within A Metaphysical Theory (by Troy Catterson) 43-60; ———CHAPTER THREE In Saecula Saeculorum? Bioscience, Biotechnology And The Construct Of Death: A Neurobioethical View (by Christine Fitzpatrick and James Giordano) 61-80; ———CHAPTER FOUR Making Death Worth Its Cost: Prolegomena To Any Future Necronomics (by Steve Fuller) 81-92; ———CHAPTER FIVE On What Persists After Death (by Vladimir V. Kalugin) 93-104; ———CHAPTER SIX Extreme Lifespans Via Perpetual-Equalising Interventions: The ELPIs Hypothesis (by Marios Kyriazis) 105-124; ———CHAPTER SEVEN What Philosophy Ought To Be (by Nicholas Maxwell) 125-162; ———CHAPTER EIGHT Resurrecting The Dead Through Future Technology: Parallel Recreation As An Alternative To Quantum Archaeology (by R. Michael Perry) 163-172; ———CHAPTER NINE Supervenient Spirituality And The Meaning Of Life (by Gabriel Segal) 173-190; ———CHAPTER TEN What Might It Take To Get From Donald Davidson's Mature Philosophical Position To Recognize The Possibility, And Even Plausibility, Of An Afterlife? (by Charles Taliaferro and Christophe Porot) 191-210; ———CHAPTER ELEVEN Roger Penrose, Rupert Sheldrake, And The Future Of Consciousness (by Charles Tandy) 211-228; ———CHAPTER TWELVE Rational Suicide And Global Suicide In The Amor Fati Of Modal Totality (by Sascha Vongehr) 229-268; ———The INDEX begins on page 269.

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