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Futures teetering between fate and chance unravel in fantastical realities spanning time and space; each bringing us face-to-face with the unexpected in Irony of Survival – a dynamic collection that explores how life’s ironic twists and turns challenge and, at times, ensure mankind’s survival.

Never before has the role of irony in challenging our perspective, questioning consequence, and disrupting equilibrium been more distinctly illuminated than in this artfully spellbinding work that provides readers a looking-glass through which to view their own tales of survival.

Experience firsthand how an unlikely instance, in an instant, can be the turning point of destiny.

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PublisherZharmae Publishing Press
Release date 01.06.2013
File size6.6 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating4.44 (9 votes)
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