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This book was a good companion to me over the past several days...It got me through the waiting room at the Dr.'s office, kept me occupied when I got a flat tire on the expressway and had to wait for my husband to rescue me, and helped pass the time while I waited for my highlights to develop at the hairdressers...It was a sweet, witty book that felt like a friend. The story takes place in Belfast, Ireland and follows the lives of the people that inhabit the Tavern on Maple Street. Lily and Jack are loving couple in their late 30's who own the tavern and have been hiding out from society and their families in their own little corner of the world tuning everything out. One day they get notice that a developer is going to build on the site and the beloved pub is slated for demolition. This turn of events causes them to fight the good fight and give it a real go by hiring staff that through circumstances board there, and results in them opening up their little world a bit. There were lots of lessons and bits of wisdom in here, and charming characters. The tavern setting gave me real sense of small town Ireland, and transported me to another place while I was reading it. There's not a ton of action here, and maybe some might find it a little slow, but I enjoyed it. If this book were a movie it would be shown at the local art house theater...quirky, charming with lots of heart. And happy endings all the way around....Cheers!

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