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"Honor. Treachery. Vengeance. This is the path of shadow." Words spoken to Conrad Archer decades before the birth of his dream for global security - a warning of one possible future in which the dream becomes a nightmare. Today, these words have a different meaning, as operatives of the Pan-Asian Collective embrace the Conspiracy's demons, seeking peace through intimidation, guile, and precision force. Only the Collective's agents dare to step into the shadows forever, to become that which they seek to destroy. Join the Conspiracy's most audacious operatives in a world in which lies become truth, and the truth becomes a lethal liability. Beyond the cloak of deceit you'll find . . . All the details you need to create hard-boiled Hong Kong espionage operatives and incredible anime-style martial arts masters! From stupendous stunts in high-tech Tokyo to combats of honor and steel in the mountains of mainland China and desperate races through the jungles of India, this book covers all the Asian spy genres in one place! Advanced martial arts rules, including 'stance' feats that open up a host of entirely new unarmed combat options! Secrets of the Shop! The biggest storyline yet starts here! Join the Conspiracy's search for the truth behind their newest foe, Villain X, and the source of his incredible technology - Iron Warrior power armor, the next step in battlefield superiority!

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